Angst makes you do strange shove remote controls in your pooper.

Angst is one half of the engine that powers TFINO. (The other half is buttsecks.) Angst is, generally speaking, any feeling of intense frustration or antipathy toward any person, place or thing. As such, it is an immense source of humor. However, an overabundance of angst can tip the delicate balance of TFINO. Only buttsecks can counter this imbalance.

Angst as a Negative ForceEdit

Angst, left unchecked, can lead TFINOers dangerously close to the point of I Really Don't Like You And I Mean That Seriously, Not Just As An Internet Joke. This is not funny.

Angst as a Positive ForceEdit

Of course, it's only not funny until someone else comes along and laughs at the angst, thus bringing buttsecks levels into balance with angst levels and restoring harmony.

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