Beast Mayhem is the name of a spam comedy forum on Transformers fan site The Allspark. It has tec's cheesecake thread so its ok now Its place in the history of TFans and TFINO is little-known, though without Beast Mayhem it is unknown whether TFINO would even exist at all. Teh true.

History with TFansEdit

Back in 2004, the Allspark experienced a site outage. As a gesture of good will, the TFans administration welcomed the members of the Allspark to post on TFans until the Allspark was restored to working order. The frequenters of the Allspark's spam forum, "Beast Mayhem," soon discovered TFans' own spam forum, INH (Insert Name Here).

The more open and humor-based culture of Beast Mayhem quickly came into conflict with the far more uptight and (self-)regulated INH. INH members, who had organized themselves into various "factions", did not take kindly to Mayhemers' spamming of their spam forum. Notable offenders were IDE and TFGeek. This conflict quickly escalated into an internet war of epic proportions, leading the TFans administration to close down INH altogether.

INHers blamed Beast Mayhem, who in turn blamed INHers for being uptight assholes. Eventually the dust settled and most people moved on. But not all.

INH Invasions and Current StatusEdit

In an ironic twist of fate, INH (resurrected as version 2.0) soon became very "Beast Mayhem"-like, whereas the actual Beast Mayhem forum gradually turned into a wasteland of unfunny chodery. This was confirmed during an INH invasion of Beast Mayhem. As a result, Beast Mayhem was repurposed from a "spam" forum to a "comedy" forum, the idea being that coming into the forum and spamming it would no longer be tolerated. It is unknown whether Beast Mayhem ever lived up to its new standard as a comedy forum, though those with an appreciation for Andy Kaufman might answer in the affirmative.

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