Not blurple.

Blurple is the exact color of the Transformers character Galvatron. Nobody seems to know exactly what color blurple is; however, Cuban Pete can tell you what it is not. Blurple is not purple. Nor is it blue. In fact, it might not be an actual color at all, perhaps only existing as a mythical hue originating in Pete's imagination. One thing is sure, however: a lack of blurple on Galvatron causes Pete intense angst.


Galvatron as he appears in "The Transformers: The Movie".

Galvatron as he appears in the third (and fourth) seasons of "The Transformers" television show.

Galvatron as he appears in any toy form at all, with one exception (see below).

Galvatron as he haunts Pete's nightmares, taunting him.


Blurple angst does not extend to the original Galvatron toy per se, since its color scheme was primarily gray. However, the purplish (or is it bluish?) color of the figure's upper arms and legs do fall into the controversial blurple category.

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DLP is wrong.

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