A bump thread is a thread that exists only to be bumped. INH 2.0 was home to a mighty bump thread, which was begun by TFans member splendic. The bump thread was originally created as a joke about Loki's entrance to INH by bumping old zombie threads that everyone had forgotten about. The bump thread met its demise when a moderator moved it into the Estate, at which point Cuban Pete deleted it entirely. This led to the only known occurrence of dinorage by Sularias, though he mostly kept it to himself.

The Original Opening PostEdit

Every now and then somebody bumps an old thread, and through email notification, I come to the board to read the post and maybe some of the thread if the topic seems really old.

Pretty often, I read the new post and then start going backward to remember the topic. Most often, it feels like it was from an eternity ago.....then I check the date and it is usually like 5 to 10 days old.

I have this experience in both INH, and other non-spam boards all over the INTERNET.

Is my memory sh*t, or does time pass differently on teh message boards?

Bumpicus AwakensEdit

Despite the one note nature of the bump thread, it quickly became a very active topic in INH. At times the thread functioned as a sort of non-real time shout box; and after it grew in size, it became a place to hide content from mods, but still have it publicly available. Eventually, and entire set of bumping memes grew out of the thread such as Prang and the first of the INH combiners, Bumpicus.

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