Buttsecks (derived from a clever combination of the words "butt" and "sex") is one half of the engine powering TFINO. The other half is angst. The two are related in a symbiotic, yin-yang manner.

Huh huh. "yang"


That picture of the Orly owl where he's looking at you all suspicious-like, with the caption that reads simply "Buttsecks?"

Usage on TFINOEdit

Buttsecks can refer to anything from the physical act of buttsecks to amicable internet friendship. "Buttsecks?" is usually offered as a sign of truce during a particularly heated argument. There are no known instances of actual buttsecks occurring between members of TFINO IRL; however, this is only assumed to be true, pending confirmation of the activities surrounding the recent Dairycon Meatup of 2010.

TFINO Buttsecks LawEdit

TFINO's Buttsecks Law says that when buttsecks enters the discussion (preferably from the rear), said discussion has become absurd. This is an exponential development, doubling each time it is invoked, until eventually the thread culminates in shamon. Other memes can instigate, perpetuate, or distract from the buttsecks, as can invoking the original topic, but once the buttsecks is inserted, the thread will never be quite the same again. Additionally, one thread may achieve multiple shamon.

All threads lead to buttsecks.

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