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The Admin of TFINO (it's really more of an Admin In Name Only to fit the theme and spirit of TFINO), CHL is also a regular poster.

CHL is an acronym for Cool Hand Lube, which was one of the Marvel Comics writer's ideas for a name for the G1 character Ratchet (the other one was Greasefingers!)

Your mom?Edit

CHL claims to have humped many of your moms/wives/daughters/sisters, and a detailed investigation has found that it is entirely true.

Many members of TFINO consider it a badge of honor if CHL has humped their moms. TFINO members have even been know to offer their moms as trade bait as well when dealing with CHL.

The Story of CHLEdit

The poster now known as CHL joined the internets way back in 2002 or so. He first joined as M-Prime, and was a frequent poster on all of their forums, but mostly on The Fuzzy World 2005 which was TFW's version of INH, or a spam forum. Plenty of fun was to be had for years and years. And then a darkness fell across the land in 2006, as the TFW Admins started requesting that the users contribute money for a server upgrade (which is now a regular practice for them). In exchange, all users who contributed to the upgrade would be given a special little avatar and access to several now-hidden areas of the board. One of which was M-Prime's favorite: The Fuzzy World. See, M-Prime wasn't one of these "serious" fanboys. He didn't give a rat's ass who anyone else's favorite Transformer was, or if they could really identify with Dinobot in Beast Wars or not. He just wanted to make jokes about dicks and post LOLcat pictures.

Without access to The Fuzzy World, M-Prime became despondent and started lashing out at other members and staff. After watching a non-contributer get banned from the TFW forums for the same behavior that a contributer had just committed (and was applauded for), M-Prime decided to take a stand and speak up against all the tyrannical pratices that the TFW moderators and administrators were guilty of by calling TFW2005 Administrator, Boardwise, a pussy (which he totally is). Several times. In fact, The TFW staff probably gave M-Prime several chances to back off, but he was too infuriated to back down.

So M-Prime was banned from, but not before signing up a dozen alt-IDs and being a general pain in the ass to the staff at TFW for a month or two.

But little did that Nazi-like staff know, but M-Prime had signed up as M-Dawg on another fan board: After lurking for a few months, M-Dawg started posting more frequently and bringing the lulz whenever he could. TFans had a feature that M-Dawg REALLY liked: a spam forum called INH. In INH, M-Dawg was free to exercise his LOL-muscle and make jokes as well as take them. A new home had been found.

After some time had passed, a secret PM was sent to M-Dawg from, Lord Madhammer, inviting him into a SEEKRIT part of INH called The Estate. The Estate was a dream come true for M-Dawg. All of his dick jokes and "I humped your mom" comments were the norm here, and M-Dawg settled in nicely.

Soon after, a news article was released talking about how the G1 Transformer characters were named. One in particular caught M-Dawg's eye: a conceptual name for 1984 G1 Autobot Medic, Ratchet. It was Cool Hand Lube, and it fit the pesonality of M-Dawg like a glove.

Cool Hand Lube soon was frustrated again though, as megalomaniacal TFans administrator, Cuban Pete, closed down The Estate. There were grumblings about elitism and some other such nonsense, which Cool Hand Lube answered with a, "Yeah, but if we're better than them, why shouldn't we ACT all elitist?" which was not taken well.

It wasn't long before the good times at TFans were over though, for the 80's Tees Controversy of 2008 happened soon after, and the fallout from that event heralded the birth of the bestest site yet:

Shortly after joing TFINO, Cool Hand Lube shortened his username to CHL to make it easier to type.

Political AffiliationsEdit

Probably Democrat, but only because the Republicans are morons right now.

Religious AffiliationsEdit

CHL is far more intrigued by Eastern philosophy and the idea of Karma than anything the Judeo-Christains have come up with.

Angst InducersEdit

CHL is a pretty level-headed dude, but has been known to get worked up over lots of things, including, but not limited to:

- when people cite Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Sean Hannity's opinion as fact.

- people not liking bacon ice cream.

- the fact that marijuana is not legal (at least medicinally) everywhere in the US.

- pooping.

- anything anyone posts on TFW ever.

- hot chicks NOT showing tits.

- why the Alternators line started out so cool but ended up such a huge pile of suck.

People Who Refuse to Look Him in the Eye When They Make LoveEdit

Cuban Pete