Cabal is TFINO's resident video game NERD. His interest in Transformers is almost non-existant these days, so he mostly lurks except whenever video games are brought up... anywhere.

In the BeginingEdit


Capo di tutti capi

In September of 2004, Cabal, then using the handle Don Cassetti, joined TFans. At first he was not much more than a lurker, but he slowly dipped his feet into INH and became a regular poster there.

In his time at Tfans, he created a crappy webcomic, Has/Tak Theatre, which eventually became a featured comic on TFormers frontpage much to his surprise. The comic ran from 2005 to 2007 until Apath struck Cabal. He did attempt to relaunch it in 2008 outside of the TFormers network, but Apath killed the relaunch after 6 strips.

As time went on Cabal became disinterested in Transformers and the direction that TFans/Tformers was headed, so he left for greener pastures. Because of this he wasn't present during the 80's Tees Controversy of 2008 or the initial formation of TFINO.


Don Cassetti

Dr. Strangelove


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