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Wildling at home, resting

Captain Awesome is a long-standing member of TFino who was also, under various aliases, known to sign up to nearly every forum created by any member of TFans ever.

Part 1 : The BeginningEdit

Captain Awesome was born, raised, and for reasons known only to him, continues to live in the Socialist paradise known as Canada. Because of this he has had much experience raising and riding moose, chopping wood for fires (because Canada is far too backward for electricity and stuff), and cutting holes in frozen lakes for bathing purposes. A few years ago ( 6 or 7 or something), Captain Awesome joined TFans under the name "Wildling ". He quickly realized that the normal fanboy discussions that took place on that (and most other) TF forums were far too nerdy and ridiculous for his taste. Eventually he found an Internet home in INH along with such such noteworthy names as Cuban Pete , Hot Rod , and ... well, a bunch of other people. In the Great TFans Banishment of December 2008 Captain Awesome left TFans (more or less) forever and took up residence at TFino.

Part 2 : After The BeginningEdit

He has been seen at TFino ever since. Sometimes. If you look closely and aren't too loud and scare him off.


Captain Awesome has, at various times, been known as :


Cowboy Mike



Captain Canuck