The infamous Chodestrangler is a superhero who was created by Deathmarch several years back. However, it wasn't until recently that the character was introduced to TFINO, though only in vague talk-back responses.

The Origins of ChodestranglerEdit

Chodestrangler was created after Plumper Humper, then known as Deathmarch, joined the INH 2.0 gang. Though never brought to the forefront of INH, Deathmarch always planned to use him as a web comic for INH. However, a woman and laziness set in hard on Deathmarch, thus causing the character to be forgotten about for years.

Recent Use of ChodestranglerEdit

Recently Plumper Humper used the character's name as an insult to ST53, Cuban Pete, and Piggy. Will Plumper restart the mighty character comic as a part of the future of TFINO? Probably not, but you never know...

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