Actually pictured: Dark Narcoleptic. NOT pictured: What's-his-name from the Beatles.

He thought this was just going to be a dictionary. He didn't realize the term "wiki" was derived from "wikipedia" which itself was derived from "encyclopedia," which is a repository of knowledge, not simply of definitions, like a dictionary would be. Also an awesome guy (for a dirty hippie).

Shipping MagnateEdit

It is not yet known how he does it, but if you purchase something from him, or if you are fortunate enough to be his grab baggee, DN will ship it SO FAST that it will actually arrive at its destination BEFORE you paid for it or the grab bag took place. FACT.


( . Y . )




X-TREEM! MasteryEdit


Dark Narcoleptic's Bible.

DN is an unabashed child of the 1990's, letting his 90's proudly show as if he wore a massive flag of X-TREEM! He is a appreciator of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and he has a great love of Generation 2 Transformers cause of all the blinding colors and crazy motifs. which all fits in nicely with his role as mentor to xtreem teen churchy kids at his local worship establishment.

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