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You get the idea.

Dying on a Hill is what you do when you believe something so strongly, so completely, that you are willing to argue about it on the internet long past the point where anyone else will care or even remember their own name.

In other words, if your opinion is the Titanic, you're in the band playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee". Nay, you're conducting the band.

When to Die on a HillEdit

When your favorite thing ever in all the world has been viciously slandered by an ignorant philistine. To arms!

When Not to Die on a HillEdit

When you begin to suspect that your potent arguments might be completely made of bullshit. However, there can be a certain bravery in dying on such a hill anyway.

Also, you may choose not to die on a hill if your apathy begins to significantly outweigh your righteous indignation.


Believe it or not, Cuban Pete first heard this expression at his old church. He found it to be a helpful expression (in the parlance of our times) in the world of internet message boardery.