Warcry of the nerd. Typically uttered following a plumpsplanation. Can also be used as an expression of rage, angst, exasperation, etc. at not having one's fanboy aspirations appreciated.

Examples of UsageEdit

Plumpsplanee: Wow, thanks for that incredibly informative yet unwanted plumpsplanation.

Plumpsplanor: EEEAAAUUUGGHHH!!!!!!

Fanboy: GAWD. I'm sick and tired of seeing jangofettface every time I take the helmet off my stormtrooper figure.

Jerkwad: Ya know, you could just leave the helmet on.




Nobody likes him.

EEEAAAUUUGGHHH is a common refrain uttered by Red Alert in the Dr. Smoov parody video, "Autobot Alert". See, Red Alert thinks that nobody likes him.

It's super funny.