still thinks we are all figments of Hobbes imagination.

Sure, why notEdit

He originally joined TFans back in 2004 using the handle "Nomolos" because it was the first fansite that google took him too. there was no turning back. after overcoming a giant learning curve in dialect of fan familiar terms, he turned his attention to INH, where he found a warm, soft vagina welcome after being pwnt by resident elder Lord Madhammer in the now infamous thread "The Tree". (actually that was months after being officially an INHer but it sounds more dramatic that way, flow with it here, i'm trying to tell a story...facts be damned*) thus joining the ranks of "old school INHers" by way of the fact that it was early fall 2004 only a few months after INH 2.0 was open for bznz.

The Wander YearsEdit

one day and without warning, he suddenly disappeared from the boards and was not heard from again for years to come. what happened during this time is still a mystery that possibly may never be discovered. unless history channel sends that asshole with the stupid hat out on a mission. i mean how does that guy get funding to research that crap anyway? whatever.

The Prodigality of it all.Edit

one day and without warning he suddenly reappeared, thanks to the wonders of science, to his ancestral home at INH to be greeted with much gusto by new additions to the flock NLTAG and CHL during a mock faction war that was really undone by the likes of GASH and Freefalll666. otherwise it probably could have been halfway decent. bastards.

TFINO sweet loving relationsEdit

shortly after the debacle of the 80's t-shirt affair Nomolos recieved a cryptic message from an old friend. the only text was a simple question "you want to be cool, don't you Johnny?" and a link was included. not having the slightest idea how someone got him mixed up with this Johnny fellow and wondering himself who said Johnny might be. he followed the link into a new an wondrous realm. at the time known as "dudes from inh". upon arrival he knew instantly that here he would find a meaningful something or other to go on about. The gods, seeing this knew this was the time and reached down to rename him Eric The Viking. although he is still known by NOMster in many circles. which is a familiar name given by friends on "the boards".

Tying the room togetherEdit

Eric is the only member of TFINO who can come near to matching Cuban Petes knowledge of "The Big Lebowski" and all of its quotes and nuances. this is commonly exhibited in the middle of threads where he will make a reference to the movie and only pete will get the joke shortly followed by others who upon seeing the reference and pete's reaction now understand the point.


Eric's mating dance.

* Eric The Viking is a libertarian with conservative leanings.