Haggis (a.k.a. Haggisjin) is one of a few dirty foreigners who post on TFINO. He's Austrian or Astrotrain I think, but he lives in China. Is that right?

Sweet Jesus what the fuck is that?!?

All I really know is that Haggis is deeply religious and celebrates all the high holy days.

There is some talk of him being a complete dick, but this is complete nonsense started by Jerrod because he hates deaf people.

Christ, You're a WankerEdit

If Haggis says this to you, he means it. And you are a wanker.

The Alf KidEdit

Although Haggis is generally put into a foul mood by humanity at large, he positively melts at the site of The Alf Kid.

Known WeaknessesEdit

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Sweet Jesus.

The Haggis is known as a hardy, difficult-to-kill species. It's one known weakness is the dreaded Bearded Clam.