Hobbes: Seen here comtemplating the perfect "Gotcha" response to a thread in the Political Forum.

Hobbes is a frequent poster on He grew up with Jerrod and bought comics from Eric The Viking. He is currently one of two TFINO members living in Los Angeles, the other being Hunter.

Named for the tiger character in the beloved comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, Hobbes often displays behavior more in line with the Calvin character, such as provoking those whom he deems to be of lesser intellect than himself. However, Hobbes is tall, orange, and huggable, so he gets away with using the name of the generally more good natured comic character.

But just barely.

He is married to Mrs. Hobbes.

Political AffiliationsEdit

Hobbes insists that he is a conservative, but he definitely isn't. Don't mention it to him, though. He gets angsty.

Religious AffiliationsEdit

Hobbes is an atheist. When needed, he will play the role of an anti-theist in religious discussion, but mostly he doesn't care. Mostly.

Don't tell his mom. He's not "out" yet, although he has hinted to her strongly that he rejects her lord and savior. But still, don't tell her. He'll angst.

Other Angst InducersEdit


A friendly chat.

Besides politics and religion, Hobbes has been known to angst over toy scale, Spider-Man 3, Star Wars, The Matrix, Wolverine, light bulbs, diet vs. exercise, people thinking that movie starscream was anything like g1 starscream and 50% of Cuban Pete's posts.


Hobbes-timus Prime


The Striped Demon

The Orange Whirlwind

Crouching TigerEdit

Don't be fooled by his cool demeanor at a young thread's inception. He will quietly guide you into a spring trap of internet death with his mind boggling ability to deconstruct your poats line by line and attack each one mercilessly and individually until you cry out in pain or concede his point...or just give up and go outside. He will apply this skill to a wide range subjects: from Internet Piracy and Health Care to the design of Movie Starscream and Transformer Gender.

His mastery of this skill is compounded by his nearly unmatched Google Fu during battle. Beware. Beware.