Hornet (as interpreted by Plumper Humper)

Hornet was an angsty poster at TFans. He was known for being annoying, much like an insect buzzing at your head.

Deathmarch really disliked Hornet. Very much. The two would often battle via the internets on topics of utmost importance, such as the inclusion of mass shifting in Transformers. What started out as friendly banter soon turned into major angst and rage for them, especially for Deathmarch who grew to really despise Hornet and his buzzing.

He was never really allowed to finish any real idea. Almost every post was responded with "SHUT UP HORNET!"

He finally did.


  • WHORE-Net
  • Prolapse
  • Bug Boy
  • Aquarion
  • Y2KBug

Actual Hornet posts.