"God gave you.. Two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear, two eyes to see.. But why God gave you only one penis? Because God wants you to find another penis to make you happy." - Socrates, 69BC or whenever.

Hunter is one of two members that live in the Los Angeles area, along with Hobbes. Hutner frequently doesn't get things, or so he says, and he invented the
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Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN! The Hutner Face!

"Hutner Face." Despite popular misconceptions, Hunter is in fact NOT a 14 year old Japanese girl. It is advised to never, ever, EVER click on a link or spoilered post by Hunter. Ever. You will regret it. For many years to come. EV-ER!

It is a well-known fact that while Hunter has much love for Plumper Humper , Plumper can never see it and thus the two have mighty issues with each other. Really they should just bone and get it over with, but you know, laze and all that.

While it's been speculated that Hunter would "Cross the street for some Cylons", it's a well-established fact that he'd cross the world for some Rain.


  • Hunter Rose
  • Hutner
  • Ataxia

Hunter Lust: The Dylan, Gabriel, & Waits TriangleEdit

Hunter is a supreme lover of all things Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, and Tom Waits. Do NOT ever mention anything negative about them to Hunter. He will cut you. He will cut you up inside.

Spandex DramaEdit

Hunter, while having personal interest and stakes in the Comic Genre of Superheroes, is often a detractor of mainstream Superhero Comics. This is due to wanting to put quality above quantity or money-making within the industry. He usually refers to Superhero stories as "Spandex Drama" or "Spandex Suck". He hopes to one day see the mainstream Superhero industry turn over on its head and become a far more unique and superior medium to what he currently views as sickly.