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INH (acronym for "Insert Name Here") was the name of a spam forum at TFans (later TFormers). Its first incarnation, known now as INH 1.0, was filled with warring factions and a general lack of funnie. INH was closed down by the TFans administration and re-opened on June 13, 2004 as what has become known as INH 2.0. The early days of INH 2.0 are often spoken of with reverent nostalgia by those who were there at the time. Those who came later generally roll their eyes at this, claiming that it really wasn't all that awesome or funny. In other words, INH itself has become another fan property to debate on the internet.

INH was apparently deleted by the TFormers administration in 2008. Thank God for the Wayback Machine.

INH 1.0Edit

Do you remember the Seekers? Or the Seacons? How about the Protectobots? If so, you knew about INH 1.0.

INH 2.0Edit

Oh what a long and storied history it is. Maybe someday, someone will tell it.

[starting points for contributors: MS Paint Wars a.k.a. INH Celebrity Deathmatch, Pie, Big Grim, Kareanne/IDE, INH Elders (2004), INH Second Wave (2005), Marcus Prime, INH Kids, Guld, Insert Funnie Here, TRANSFUBARS, Teh Brawn Saga, INH Wars, The Bump Thread, Lil Bro, The Allspark, Hornet, The Estate, Gash/Freefalll666, Jack's House of Beef]

INH MembersEdit

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Viktor V

What All the Fuss Was AboutEdit

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