The crew of the "Lovely Harold" being swallowed by the Death Goatse.

INH Wars was a sweet Sully-based Star Wars parody comic that was posted in INH 2.0. Sularias did all the artwork, and started as the comic's writer, but that duty passed to Guld and later Lord Madhammer before the comic's eventual abandonment. Right when Ol-T-Wan was going to face down Darth Madhammer, too!

INH Wars is chock full of references that hardly anyone gets anymore.

INH Wars: Teh 0wnpire Strikes BackEdit

This never happened, but ideas that were tossed around between Sully and Pete involved new characters such as "Choda" and "Diesel Fett."

INH Wars: Return of Teh Funn13Edit

Not a whole lot here either, but you can dream.