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Jerrod (on the right) with TV's Frank (left) right after he made a "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" joke that Frank didn't really seem to like.


Jerrod is the creator of Perspectives and frequent poster. Jerrod grew up with Hobbes and bought comics and over-priced, mal-formed Marvel PVC figures from Eric The Viking. Jerrod leaves all his toys MISB or MOSC, much to the chagrin of alot of folks at He once ate a KFC Double Down and lived to tell the tale.

His smile is said to cast a charm spell on the weak-minded, making their eyes glaze over and their mouths drool uncontrollably. It is unknown just how powerful his charm smile is, but many ladies have fallen under his spell.

Supply and DemandEdit

Jerrod is know to provide Plumper Humper with much of his current new toy acquisitions. While it is not known how Jerrod fell into this task, he does it with great gusto and has proven himself to be invaluable to Plumper's collecting habits. Plumper's gratitude knows no bounds as long as Jerrod continues to function in his services. Many wonder what would happen if he were to stop supplying Plumper with toys. Some speculate that Plumper would implode from the rage.


Sometimes it is well documented that Jerrod will overreact to things he disagrees with. He does so with much vehemence until realizing that it's useless to resist and then he resigns himself to say "but whatever" more times than not. It's an endearing trait despite how much it sounds like it would be annoying.


Jerrod is an INCREDIBLE artist. Quite possibly the finest TFINO has ever seen. Waaaaaay better than that other guy. You know the one I mean.

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