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The Rebelcon Symbol (by Deathmarch)

The elusive poster known as Johnny Reb was once a frequent TFans poster, but is now a sneaky lurker/some times poster at TFINO. He only appears in the night, striking (posting) when least expecting it...sort of like a ninja.


  • Reb
  • Long John Rebellion
  • Johnathon Rebellion
  • Rebelcon

Cigars and Shotguns: The Story of Johnny RebEdit


Johnathon Rebellion (sketch by Deathmarch)

Deathmarch once again began one of his many never-to-be-finished web comics about various members or events of INH. Cigars and Shotguns was a story about TFans member Johnny Reb. In the story's outline, Johnathon Rebellion was a horribly disfigured mercenary who worked for Lord Madhammer. He was brought in to help with the assassination of Beast Megatron and his mafia-like Insertacons. Before the story's end, Rebellion was framed for the murder of Lord Madhammer's cousin and thus had to be destroyed himself. In the final battle, Johnny Reb fought many Tacotrons and Insertacons until he was the last man standing. He was supposed to walk off into the sunset in the comic's final page.

Too bad Deathmarch fucked this one up, cause it had a lot of promise. Maybe he'll do it eventually...