Ken's fault.

Legendary Ken, a.k.a. SuperFireConvoy / Sean Frikkin' Connery (SFC), is a former administrator of Truly a "legendary" figure, Ken has overseen (and had either direct or indirect involvement in) most of the major events in the TFans/TFormers timeline. Ken is responsible for coining the immortal phrase "I'll get right on that", signifiying his uncompromising apathy in the face of any administrative challenge. This phrase has since been condensed into the acronym "IGROT". It is represented on TFINO by (fittingly enough) the :igrot smiley, featuring a modified Nick Kelsch icon of Super Fire Convoy rolling his eyes.

Anything bad that has ever happened ever, is absolutely Ken's fault. This should be pointed out whenever something terrible happens, no matter who caused it.

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