CHL, Hunter, Hobbes, Pete, and ST53. Your welcoming committee.

Looserville was where TFormers Admin BaCon (Jack) told CHL to go to after banning him. We're all pretty sure he meant "Loserville", but BaCon is a fucktard.

Hop on a train!Edit

After joining TFINO, CHL's TFormers posts were altered by BaCon (Jack) to read along the lines of, "I'm a big stupid and I'm riding the train to Looserville!" which is very clever and should be applauded.

BaCon's Plan BackfiresEdit

While BaCon intended for the term "Looserville" to be insulting to CHL, the members of TFINO instead embraced the concept, each adopting a fictional job in the town of Looserville that fit their personality/role on the boards.

"Looserville" as a Source of AngstEdit

Any feelings of internet hurt or betrayal on the part of TFINOers pale in comparison to the mighty angst of Hunter (formerly Hunter Rose), who gets angsty about TFormers angst. He seems to think that we should all just grow up and stop being grudge-wielding, immature chodes.

I know, right?

Looserville Members/JobsEdit

CHL - Mayor

Diesel - Evil Scientist

Stormtrooper53 - President of the Society for the Preservation of Looserville Culture and Heritage

DarkNarcoleptic (DN) - Grammar Teacher

Cuban Pete - Security Expert

Hobbes - Chaplain, Czar of Achievement in the Field of Achievement

Jerrod - Hockey Hair Enthusiast

NLTAG - Looserville Sanitation Expert and Maintenance Engineer

Plumper Humper - Serious Business Dude (SRS BZNS D00D)

SSTG - Prophet

Dx3 - Household Appliance Technician

Haggis - Looserville's Token Foreigner

RDD - The "President Obama Information Center" of Looserville

OP2K5 - Looserville's resident lawfirm -- HA HA HA! Firm! -- owner

Captain Awesome - The Loosest Guy in Looserville

Zaku - Shallow cunt and fucktard extraordinairre

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