A 'lovingly drawn buttocks' is something completely unnecessary...sometimes.

How the Term Came AboutEdit

TFans member X-BoB58, an aspiring artist, often used to scan and post artwork that he had created, usually of various superhero characters. One such picture depicted (among others) the Marvel villain Vulture, who was posed in a top-down "flying" pose. Prominently visible were Vulture's buttocks, which were remarked upon by fellow TFans member Hunter Rose as having been "lovingly drawn." This comment, in combination with the already existing rumors of X-BoB58's homosexuality, resulted in many lulz and the birth of a classic phrase.


Like this one. Goddamn.

Lovingly Sculpted ButtocksEdit

The classic phrase once again morphed into the common parlance as "Lovingly sculpted buttocks" when Cuban Pete purchased what is quite possibly the finest Boba Fett action figure ever produced. Included with Boba Fett's accessories was a tiny little plastic ass so that the figure would have luscious cheeks. The inclusion of said buttocks was appreciated, if completely unnecessary. Pete, ever the generous one, gave the lovingly sculpted buttocks away to NLTAG in one of TFINO's semi-annual grab bags.

In real life, a lovingly sculpted buttocks is God's own work.

"Lovingly" ...AnythingEdit

Anything created with great care and devotion (especially if the final product produces lulz, either directly or as an indirect result of the many tears shed during its creation) can legitimately be declared as having been fashioned "lovingly".

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