He thinks he's witty.

An English nerd by trade, Lukeblast often assumes the clever wordplay of fellow TFINO members to be based in bad grammar rather than shared history. He frequently misuses memes and smileys as a result.

Dies on HillsEdit

Inevitably, any fanboy debate Lukeblast gets involved in leads to him being accused of dying on a hill, even if the phrase is completely inapplicable, and regardless of the validity of any point he's making. He sighs a lot when that happens, but he gets over it. The other option is to angst about it, and being able to laugh at yourself is much less stressful.

Has the biggest wang on the boardEdit

And it's prehensile. Occasionally he uses it to fetch a beer when he's too lazy to get up.

Rivalry with Plumper HumperEdit

Lukeblast and Plumper Humper have a long-standing rivalry via their general encyclopedic knowledge of geeky things such as cartoons, comics, GI Joe, and Transformers. Each of them has and will continue to one-up the other in various inane and trivial knowledge that no one else really wants to hear about.

They will do this until one of them claims the other's head and wins the prize. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! EEEAAAUUUGGHHH!!!!

Or until they finally give up this whole charade and join forces, platonically or intimately, to create one all-powerful super-nerd. Thankfully, if that happens they'll be too overtaken by apath to actually do anything but watch cartoons all day.

Collecting ObessionEdit

Lukeblast is an unashamed Robots in Disguise/Car Robots fanboy. He probably should be ashamed, but he is not. He also has every single Transformers Legends figure ever made for the North American market... so basically a dozen molds spread accross over a hundred figures.

A Transformers completist right up until Cybertron, it all got to be too much for Lukeblast and he sold them all in a fit of pique. He got back into collecting after the 2007 movie, despite not caring much for the movie itself. In order to prevent the completist obsession from resurfacing, he attempts to maintain all of his figures in a gigantic display, rather than segregating them by line as many fans do. This forces him to rationalize inconsistant aesthetics as making perfect sense. He also cannot abide having more than one of the same character in his collection, forcing him to do wholesale repurposing and the occasional half-assed custom just to prevent multiple forms of single characters. In essence, his desire to desegregate in order to prevent one form of OCD has simply let him to find another.

And he still, despite having a "universal" display, has separate displays for the Beast Era, RiD, Legends, and Marvel (and assorted other) Crossovers. He also buys roughly 75% of the new product that comes out. In other words, his attempts at not being completist aren't working very well, but he pretends anyway.

Over 9000!!!Edit

79.4% of the information on this page is false.

well, mostly just the part about the wang.

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