Just in case you thought anything in the article was a lie...

Matt Booker is in love with his own name. He pathologically attaches it to the end of every message board post, blog entry, email, text message, and occasionally even in spoken word (as in "I'd like a #4 with a Coke. ~Matt Booker"). Can you pronounce a tilde? I didn't think so. Matt Booker can.

He also loves puns, yet strangely has never understood why a guy with his name listing his profession as "author" is so funny.

Master BloggerEdit

The eponomous actually offers a minimum amount of information about Matt Booker. He mostly uses it for Transformers mod guides and jokes involving Transformers, Minimates, and Deadpool.



Snappy DresserEdit

Because Matt Booker shuns anything that could be properly called society, a little-known fact about him is that like a cartoon character, he has seven of the exact same outfit, consisting of a plain black shirt and jeans. He lives in mortal terror that an eighth day will suddenly be declared and he'll actually have to decide what to wear that day.