A member of TFINO who was previously known as Caine back at TFormers. His new persona is based on Megatron (duh, obviously), the primary villain in the Transformers mythos, and the leader of the Decepticons. While as a matter of fact that he didn't have a grudge against BaCon, even thanked him for the free BW Rampage that BaCon gave him as a gift during Caine's stint as TFormers reporter, he eventually decided to screw it and leave TFormers, then jump to the TFINO. The reason he did it was unclear, but probably he did it for the lulz. He was born at Chinaland. But currently resides at Indochinakhastan, thus crushing his childhood dream of serving on the People's Liberation Army & destroy the evil that is capitalism & America. But eh, things changed and he didn't give a fuck about most of the stuffs about China, apart from his occasional angst about Taiwan & Tibet. What does that mean? Huh? "China is here." I don't even know what the hell that means.


Pictured: Indochinakhastan.

Political ViewsEdit

He WAS once a Maoist. But as stated above, things changed & he no longer thinks China will be the new superpower or whatever China aims to be in the near future. Probably because America are proven to be more awesome on several aspects that China don't own, like, heavy metal music, entertainment, Hollywood movies, Transformers, Star Wars and stuffs. Or probably he finally realized that China was not as awesome & divine as he thought to be when he was a young naive Chinaman. But his stance on Taiwan Strait Crisis & Tibetan cause remains the same for all these years, those two belongs to China. And he was going to join Lem Lee in the Hell of Being Cut to Pieces. Chinese have a lot of Hells. That. is. all.

Aside from that, he was also known as a staunch supporter of Israel cause.

Things That He LikesEdit

  • PS3.
  • Soccer.
  • Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!
  • AK-47 & basically everything about Soviet/Russian army.
  • Asian sluts, ranging from $40 - $60.
  • His precious collection of Megatron toys (and few other Decepticons).
  • Kamen Rider W.
  • Transformers.
  • Star Wars.
  • The idea of Socialism, Secularism & Atheism.
  • Instant noodle.
  • Heavy metal music, particularly Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Testament, Dimmu Borgir, and few others.
  • Lady GaGa.
  • Che Guevara T-Shirts, because nothing represents irony better than this.
  • Reading the articles at Cracked.
  • Monster Hunter game series & figures.
  • Chicks that come with a hidden prize.


  • Religious Stuffs.
  • Tranny Pictures & Tranny Jokes.
  • The Pork Chop Express.
  • All incarnations of Optimus Prime, except BW Optimus Primal & Animated Optimus Prime because they're awesome and not as boring as other Optimus Primes. Bleagh.
  • Bumblebee, seriously just fuck off & die or something.
  • Star Trek.
  • Fun Publications. Because of Botcon 2006 Megatron. Draw the line from there.

Favorite Fictional CharactersEdit

Do Not Mail Him StuffsEdit

It is important to take note that it's not because of him being a tricky douchebag who won't pay you for the item(s) he purchased from you. But because a shipping black hole was located not far from the border of Indochinawhatever, it is advised to not mail him stuffs. Even if you have to, make sure it'll arrive there, not end up losing it on the said black hole (Read: Shitty Customs Department). Hence why, he always been left out of the Grab Bag events. And he learned to cope with it, like "eh whatever."

Notable AliasesEdit

  • Caine
  • DeceptiCaine
  • Darth Caine
  • MegaDETHtron
  • Lord Megatron (not to be confused with Lord Madhammer, kthx)
  • The Legion (on other msg boards)
  • Red Army (on other msg boards)