Fist in a long line of things you just can't have.

NLTAG (No Less Than A God) is a member of the TFINO Custodial Staff and a frequent poster.

What's the real deal with this guy?Edit

NLTAG was one of the first four members of TFINO, back before it was even called "The Dudes from INH." At the time he shared the Admin username with the others and worked to shape into the behemoth of the internets that it is today. For a short time, even his user name was signified as an Admin, but eventually he took the subordinate role of Moderator, so that he could better justify his total abuse of power, and unilateral judgement against others. He really didn't think it through too well. Often times he was refered to as a facist by the likes of Stormtrooper53 (ST53) because of his perchance to levy pretend warns, and to constantly make other people mods. Eventually he mellowed.

These days NLTAG has taken a bit of a back seat, as his horrible job dominates more of his life and he has less and less time to post on a regular basis. Will he find a massive resurgence and start averaging 100 posts a day? only time will tell.

What's he done that's so cool, eh?Edit

Honestly, I really don't know. Maybe Bumblemus or Shockblast could tell you.

Sari ControversyEdit

In the run-up to the second season finale of "Transformers: Animated", NLTAG casually offered the suggestion that the human character Sari (an eight-year-old girl), might actually be a robot. This was met with sudden and persistent vehemence from Cuban Pete, who insisted that not only was this theory bullshit, it would also result in Transformers: Animated jumping the shark. Pete even went so far as to offer to eat the keyeboard from his computer should NLTAG's theory prove correct. When it was finally revealed that Sari was in fact a robot, Pete got very grumpy on the internet. To this day he has not fully acknowledged NLTAG's completely accurate prediction in this matter. And he still has his keyboard.