Laugh De La Croix (left) and Rodney Grimes (the other one, obviously) crack wise for the 20 or so people that watch the show.

Perspectives is San Antonio's #1 Emmy-nominated historical news program. It is hosted by Laughn De La Croix and Rodney Grimes. It's a puppet show that makes fun of old news footage and steals political arguments and viewpoints from the "Politiks" section of, typically the eye-rollingly strident atheism, the half-assed liberalism, or the soul-crushing right-wing conservatism that permiates the forum to it's very much so that it makes you smell bad, even through the internet.

Perspectives was created when a beloved-but-crochety San Antonio film critic did not want to work with Jerrod on a movie review web show. So he and two other guys came up with Perspectives.