Plumper Humper is TFINO's resident appreciater of fat girls and the 5th original member of TFINO.

Motto: "Cause someone's got to give the big girls some lovin'."


I'm the EEEAAAAUUGH!! Bitch!!!

Plumper is unabashedly sincere most of the time for some unknown reason. We, at TFINO, find it to be a weird character flaw that we're trying to eradicate. He's also known as TFINO's "Fanboy Juggernaut": Once he gets started, he just keeps gaining momentum and is nearly unstoppable until he gets too EEEAAAAUUGH!! Then he walks away from the computer for a moment, only to return at full strength.

Do not call Plumper cuddly. When confronted with this, he has been known to confuse his prey by telling them, 'Rar! I'm a bear!' and responds to laughter by swiping with his claws.

Unless he likes you. In which case he will show his prowess by mounting you.

Plumper has a strange affinity towards characters who are either "Old War Vets" or "Heavies". In most fictional works his favorite characters seem to be wise/gruff/tough/old or they are big/strong/physically powerful. There are exceptions, but this is the rule 90% of the time. Plumper himself is very aware of this strange polarity pull towards those stereotypical characters, but makes no attempt to explain it.

Most consider Plumper Humper to be the most-stereotypical fanboy at TFINO. But this is argued often (mainly by Plumper himself). Plumper Humper's sincere fanboyness is so immense that it takes up a huge section of his TFINO Wiki page. Seriously, just look below. It's insane.

The TFans Era:Edit

Who was "Deathmarch"??Edit

DM Logo - Avatar

Deathmarch's Logo

Originally known as Deathmarch, a username based upon his original Transformer fan-character, Plumper Humper joined TFans in Sept. of 2004. He hit the forum ground running, posting inane works of uselessness. However, this seemed to endear him to the likes of Hunter Rose, Lord Madhammer, and Hobbes-timus Prime. Little did Plumper know that this would start friendships with many Transformers Enthusiasts around the world. Deathmarch was never a frequent poster of INH, but he lurked for many, many months enjoying the Funn13.

The Estate Affair...Edit

Deathmarch was never invited to The Estate. In fact he didn't even know about The Estate until a bunch of people complained about it and it was on the verge of being castrated from TFans by Lord Madhammer. But was Deathmarch butt-hurt over not being invited to something he never even heard of? Of course he was. What, you thought differently? Oh how you have much to learn about this dude. So Deathmarch was butt-hurt and this lead to one of his "Spirit Quests". Deathmarch claimed it was because of IRL. This was probably only a half-truth, but no one can be sure because even Deathmarch himself doesn't remember it well.

WTF is a "Spirit Quest"??Edit

During the TFans Era of Deathmarch's internet life, he would go on several "Spirit Quests" to find something more meaningful in life. This meant he would be absent for many months at a time from the TFans community. Why would he go on these long journeys? Who really cares? No one. That's who.

Reformation into Plumper HumperEdit

Deathmarch openly admitted to liking plumper/chubby/bbw women (within reason - no he does not like 400+ lbs MEGA-Women). So one day he got a hair up his ass over a poster's complaints about big women. Who was this poster? Deathmarch can't remember, but he was a prick! That is for sure! Deathmarch rarely hates (but will angst), so whomever it was must have been a big douche. Deathmarch then changed his username to "PlumperHumper", the first and original incarnation of Plumper.



  • Plumper
  • Plumpin' Humpin'
  • DM
  • Deathmarch
  • DMPH
  • Plumpmaster-H
  • Blimp-Buster
  • Tig Ol' Bitties
  • Jelly Pusher
  • Ton O' Fun
  • Frank


Plumper Humper is an experienced artist, having worked in the professional animation industry. He draws awesome arts by dipping his claws in paint and shredding through layers of paper. When he is finished, he naps. When that is done, only the bottom layer is kept for display. Plumper has also produced various kitbashes that are probably better than yours. Seriously, you should just stop kitbashing and pay him to do it for you. He usually takes payment in the form of MISB Toys, especially expensive 3rd Party Transformers.

Meme ContributionEdit

Plumper is responsible for the origin or the popularization of several board memes including EEEAAAAUUGH! and the Plumpsplanation. These memes are due largely to his encyclopedic knowledge of comics, cartoons, and action figures coupled with his lack of abilility to know when people desire to be informed of said information.

He will read this and go EEEAAAAUUGH! but he knows we all really love his Plumpsplanations.

Except when we don't.

Rivalry with LukeblastEdit

Plumper Humper has a long-standing rivalry with fellow TFINO board member Lukeblast via their far-reaching geek encyclopedic knowledge of inane and trivial things such as comics, cartoons, Transformers, and GI Joe. They will continue their internet struggle until one of them is destroyed, or maybe when one of them leaves the internet and never comes back. We just don't know. Were this some sort of romantic comedy, they would be married someday.

Political LeaningsEdit

Plumper Humper generally avoids politics on the internet. But overall he considers himself a moderate on most big issues. Just do not get him started on anything dealing with Education. This will send him into a massive rant full of RAGE.

The Great Fanboying:Edit




Plumper was originally a Go-Bots-loving young 'tard, then he discovered that Transformers had Tech Spec Bios on the back of their packaging. Reading his first Tech Spec, Plumper tossed the Go-Bots down and began his love of Transformers. Plumper Humper loves several of the original Marvel Comics run of Transformers as well as most of the UK TF Comics. He is a big supporter of the First Season of the G1 Transformers Cartoon and Transformers the Movie (TFTM). Due to the way he was introduced to Transformers, he cares more for Tech Specs and Bios than any other form of media for the Generation 1 (G1) Transformers.

He loves the original Dinobots, Predacons, and Stunticons.

Plumper has a strange affinity towards Micromasters (the tiny-tiny Transformers) for some reason. This SHOULD enrage his Scale Angst which is mighty, but instead he loves the little fuckers. This guy has issues. For real issues.

Ironhide is the best Transformer ever. Don't argue with him on this one.

Masters of the UniverseEdit


Overlord of Evil, bitches!

By the Power of Grayskull, Plumper loves Masters of the Universe (MOTU)! While growing up, Plumper Humper loved the old mini-comics that came with the 80's MOTU action figures. However, as Plumper grew up, his love for MOTU waned terribly so. Eventually though Mattel and Mike Young Productions revived He-Man and his pals as a new toy line, cartoon, and comic series in 2002. This reopened Plumper's love of Masters of the Universe and increased it tenfold. Since Plumper was not much of fan of the old 80's cartoon of He-Man anyways, this new interpretation filled him with great joy! This caused him to go on a fact-finding mission on the internet which brought him to the worlds of internet message boards. Today, Plumper collects the new Masters of the Universe Classics, and it is his Most Favorite Toy Line thus far collected in his fanboy years. He doubts many other toy lines could come along to usurp the title...that is until Hasbro redoes the Knights of the Magical Light!

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical LightEdit


The Spectral Knights

It is a time when magic is more powerful than science, and only those who control the magic control destiny! They are the Visionaries! This was honestly Plumper Humper's most beloved cartoon and toy line while he was growing up. Ever. The Visionaries are better than anything else from the 80's in his opinion, beating out Transformers, Silverhawks, or He-Man. Plumper spent many years of his youth pretending he could chant magical spells to reign down destruction or ask owls of great wisdom what he should do. At one time, Plumper actually put together a pitch (complete with brand new artwork, character model sheets, and an overall story outline) to resurrect the Visionaries to present to Hasbro. However due to Plumper's lack of connections within the toy industry, he gave up on his dream of owning and reviving the Visionaries as a modern tale of sword-n-sorcery. Maybe one day he'll regain the courage to pursue his destiny as a key to reviving the Knights of the Magical Light!

Cindarr, the oldest and strongest Darkling Lord, is his favorite Visionary by far.

Actually, he still tries to chant magical spells and call upon the Beast of Destruction. So far he has been unsuccessful.



Partly Metal! Partly Real!

Plumper Humper has an obsession with Silverhawks. It borderlines insanity at times. He can often be heard singing the Silverhawks theme while in the shower, much to his WOH-MAN's delight. Plumper, a collector of animation cels, wants to own as many quality Silverhawks cels as possible. He is constantly on the hunt for more Silverhawks toys, posters, and other collectibles. At one time a folder containing original pre-production art, early story outlines, and the original pitch for the show surfaced on eBay. Plumper came so close to owning it, he could feel it in his fanboy bones. Ultimately a plate of chicken nachos won out and he missed the end of the auction by an hour. He went into a serious state of depression afterward and is still mourning this loss. He owns 10 Silverhawks toys from the 80's MISB.

Flashback is his favorite SIlverhawk character and there is none greater than Flashback. Ever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEdit


Yeah, a little TOO Raph...

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) ruled Plumper's life from 1989-1992. He was completely drawn to the four brothers. What started out as a love of the cartoon and toys became an obsession with the TMNT Vol. 1 comics. Plumper Humper's first foray into the non-cartoon turtles was the original Live-Action Movie. It was nothing like the cartoon's story and was less "kiddie" to Plumper. It had a harder edge to it. Investigations at a local comic shop revealed that the movie was based on the comic book version of the Ninja Turtles. Slowly Plumper gave up the cartoon turtles for the grim and dirty world of the comic turtles. The conflict between Raphael and Leonardo quickly became Plumper's favorite aspect of the comic TMNT. All the angst and parody of the turtles really fueled his personal canon of how he perceived the four mutant ninjas.

Raphael is without a doubt Plumper's favorite Ninja Turtle. ANGST!!

Comic BooksEdit

What started out as an innocent curiosity slowly corrupted the boy that was to become Plumper Humper. Over time Plumper grew to love comics with a mighty passion, fueling his artistic needs and rages. Plumper would spend hours on end staring at the pages of various popular comics as a small child. These comics coupled with Plumper's lust of cartoons infiltrated his creativity and pushed him towards his love of art. He latched on to certain Superheroes at a young age: X-Men, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Green Lantern, to just name a few. Eventually his desires of being an comic artist expanded greatly and he began to develop his own ideas. His artistic talent thrived thanks to the comics medium. He currently reads very little in the way of Superhero comics, but the characters hold an immense place in his fanboy heart. A place that he will defend with full sincerity and passion.


Plumper has a great love of animation, ranging from the snobbish, elite animation to the gutter trash animation. He even wrote a thesis on the subject of Animation History during his college years. Plumper views the medium as a bastion of potential and talent. He is a long-time lover of such 80's Cartoons as Visionaries, Inhumanoids, Silverhawks, Thundercats, and Voltron. He also enjoys many 90's Cartoons, with Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Ren & Stimpy, and Johnny Bravo being the forerunners of his 90's animation lovin'. Plumper's love of Anime can range from the "Elitist Masters of Animation" to the dregs of "Stylized Fluff", creating an odd combination of interests. Overall Plumper wants to explore as much Traditional (ei: hand-drawn) Animation as possible before he expires on this planet.

Favorite Fictional CharactersEdit

  • Gargoyles -- Hudson
  • Green Lantern -- Kilowog
  • Inhumanoids -- Auger and Tendril
  • Lord of the Rings -- Gimli
  • Masters of the Universe -- Mer-Man and Whiplash
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers -- Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger, White Ranger)
  • Star Wars -- Chewie and Boba Fett
  • Thundercats -- Panthro
  • Transformers (G1) -- Ironhide, Ratchet, Motormaster, and Razorclaw
  • X-Men -- Colossus and Juggernaut

True Facts About Plumper Humper:Edit

  1. He once dated a woman who weighed 316lbs/143kg.
  2. His favorite colors are Green and Black.
  3. Black Ink is his favorite art medium to use.
  4. He once speed-sketched 73 drawings within 8 minutes.
  5. He can successfully ink a full comic page within 2-5 hours (depending on details/content).
  6. He is a Were-Man Bear.
  7. John Wayne, John Candy, Paul Giamatti, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Bill Murray are his favorite actors.
  8. He suffers a weird aversion to chalk.
  9. H.P. Lovecraft is one of his favorite authors.
  10. Snakes creep him out.
  11. Ghostbusters, Jaws, Predator, Empire Strikes Back, and Jurassic Park are some of his favorite All-Time movies.

Plumper's Gallery of AwesomenessEdit

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