Comic book guy

You didn't really want to know, did you.

Even when it's not prompted, requested, or even remotely wanted, sometimes a plumpsplanation is necessary.


Plumpsplanation: (plumps-plan-'a-shun)
Function: Noun
Date: circa April 2010
1 - A detailed breakdown of information/events for slow people to understand ideas conveyed through user posts.

EXAMPLE: Plumpsplanation: Hot Rod is going to Botcon. DN is not going to Botcon. DN is willing to purchase the Botcon set. Hot Rod does not want to purchase a set. DN is willing to give Hot Rod the money to purchase the set since Hot Rod will be going and DN will be unable.

2 - An overly detailed post about random fanboy stuff - most often unsolicited. A plumpsplainer is generally unaware of sarcasm in the original post that he is answering. (See PLUMPER HUMPER)