RDD (a.k.a. ROSEDOGGYDOGG) is a frequent contributor at TFINO who, like many, traces his internet lineage back to TFormers/TFans.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!!

He is the most deal-savvy individual you will ever meet. Ever.

The Mighty Go-BotsEdit

RDD had lots of Go-Bots as kid and would pretend that they were Transformers when the cartoon came on.

(Oh please like you didn't do that either - Red Semi guy with trailer = Optimus Prime, Green Jeep = Hound, Leader One = Starscream... you get the point)

Transformers: More Than Meets The EyeEdit

Windcharger - was the first Transformer RDD was ever given/owned. His father bought it for him at Woolworths in 1980something. Sadly RDD doesn't remember how long he owned Windcharger or whatever happened to him. It is assumed Windcharger was the first of many TF's that got lodged in RDD's anus. No matter how much jumping up and down RDD does that little guy just aint coming out.

Wheeljack - was the first Transformer that RDD had ever seen that was larger than Windcharger IRL.
This Guy


Jetfire - was the first and only Leader Class (So what they didn't have "classes" back in the days of G1 - FUCK OFF) Transformer RDD would ever own as a child. It was given to him as a "Get Well Son" present from his dad (his dad rocks!) after he went through life saving major open heart surgery at the age of 9 years old. It was only a week after returning home from the hospital that RDD came home from shopping with his mom to find out that his younger brother broke Jetfires front landing gear. TALK ABOUT PISSED! Jetfire soon began the same decent as most of RDD's toys at the time ending up who knows where.

Tyco G1 HO scale Trainset - Seriously, he owned this thing - its fucking cool! (Da,da,daaaa.... thanks dad)

Ramjet - was the first seeker jet that RDD ever owned (again, thanks to his dad - I swear there must be a bill awaiting RDD somewhere for all this cool shit). RDD would crash Ramjet into the other toys because...well he's fucking RAMJET thats why!

Since his childhood, RDD has reclaimed all of these Transfromers (and more) except for Wheeljack but then again nobody ever said RDD owned Wheeljack - :siljudge .

Political BeliefsEdit

RDD is not a hippie.

RDD proudly displays a photograph of GWB in his work cubicle.

Dealmaking PowersEdit

RDD is legendary for his ability to sniff out the best deals on anything, anywhere, anytime. He will often share these deals with his online friends.