SSTG just before he ran for his life (edited from manga)


Current form of SSTG

SSTG (Full name is Starscream the Great) possibly the oldest Tformers member around along with Starscreamer. Been through INH 1.0 and some of INH 2.0 to Go off and on the boards for some times eventually learning of TFINO and come back to teh funnie. Spent his off time as enjoying the worldwide success of Flight of the Conchords and mourning the loss of Fat Peter Jackson.

Currently lives in New Zealand along with Dr syn being in the north island SSTG lives in the south island. Wherever the fuck that is. Isn't south above north down there? And isn't the prime minister a goat or some shit?

Probably more of the back ground character though never whooed anyone yet. What does whooed mean? You'd have to be from New Zealand for it to make any sense. And even then it's horribly shameful.

Forms of SSTGEdit

During the Tformers era SSTG took the form of G1 starscream but sometimes changed to different versions for sigs.

Eventually during TFINO and after reading alot of naruto took the form of Tobey Maquire.



Insert Funn13 HereEdit

SSTG's role was Recon for Beast Megatrons Army. Did appear with elita 1 during a preview comic and tailed CHL and Elita to a church but was killed in the battle afterwards

There was a planned comic using the ghost of SSTG for a side story but was abandoned due to story conflicts and lack of time and teh funnie jokes. It wound up being horribly tragic, really..


TFans/TFormers era

Joined once TFans had been born and joined INH 1.0 as a seacon member in their faction. Remained at TFormers till just before INH 2.0 was gone.


After hearing of the new forum by Dr Syn SSTG joined and remains as a member to this day.

Looserville role Edit

SSTG is the Looserville prophet that was hired by looserville government to help keep its citizens listening to what they said

Geeky InterestsEdit


Like all TFINO members SSTG is a collector going after current and old transformers owning somewhere over 500 transformers.


Akatsuki Rerender by pokefreak

Akasuki members done by pokefreak (Tobi the hooded one)

After watching alot of the anime and reading the Manga SSTG was drawn to this story and eventually started using the Akatsuki Leader Tobi as his avatar form.


SSTG is a heavy gamer mainly playing shooters but the old unique game

Main favourites are:


Resident evil series

Call of duty

Naruto series games


Southpark, family guy, simpsons

Things that would most likely piss him offEdit

  • Cartoon network australia (gotten feed up with the shows)
  • Dumb people
  • people making him look happy (similing not my thing)
  • Resident evil movies (ANGUST!!!!!!)
  • cancellation of my name is earl (um, too late!)