Standing Alone, sometimes known as internet seppuku, is the ultimate act of dying on a hill. Often imitated but never surpassed, TFans member JackKnife's epic goodbye to the forum in 2004 is responsible for the phrase "I STAND ALONE", which is still uttered on occasion by old INHers.


JackKnife was a member of the "Seekers" faction in INH 1.0. After Starscreamer "disbanded" the group he felt it was his duty to take the leadership over and run with it. He took things to a bit of an extreme...or as they would say 3xt33m. Upon its closure in 2004, JackKnife was dismayed to find that most people eventually moved on with their lives and forgot about how awesome INH (and the Seekers in particular) were. In his frustration, he penned what is possibly the best "ban me" post of all time.

Full TextEdit

JackKnife's thread, entitled simply "OVER MY DEAD BODY.", appeared as follows on May 27, 2004:

I stand alone. No seekers. No one.

We got blamed for what happened: INH's closing No one wanted to hear it.

So, all of you may ask yourselves "why for the love of god is JK bringing this crap up again?!!"


because I'm Pi$$ed off at SFC and the rest for NOT LISTENING.

We got the "faction" garbage and the "you guys think you're superior' crap rammed down our throats, and when whe tried to defend ourselves, we were silenced by an uncaring administration. in case no one notices, it was the seekers that made a TRUCE (you know, a peace agreement) between the factions, until an rpg board could be set up. we were trying to POLICE OURSELVES. No one else seemed willing to do it. But when we tried to maintain order WE go jumped on. And the rest of the TFans were too scared to disagree with SCF.

Because of this, I waited until things cooled, but I HAVEN'T cooled. In fact, I mean this to end they way I began in TFans; fighting. Fighting may be the only thing I'm good at, but at least I always fought for what I believed in. sure, I could go with the flow, but that's not me. There is no shame in failure; the true disgrace is in the COWARDICE of NOT HAVING TRIED. At least this way, if I say what I feel, then when the end comes, I can be sure that I stayed true to myself. And in defense of the factions, at least we tried to become something more than what we were. ELITE?


And for the record, unless someone crossed us, we left well enough alone; It was mayhemmers messing with us that did it. And SFC responded by punishing everyone.

Now, to SFC himself. it seems as long as thing are calm, you don't care. But as soon as the crap hits the fan, you punish regardless of who you hurt. As I said to kalidro, what are you without your administrative powers. Sure, you can ban me. You can delete my posts. But that would only show that what I say bothers or even ...(gasp) SCARES you. Yes, I'm being provokative in this. I just don't care now. banning is far from the worst of my worries right now. And you ahve your little army of flunkies who will jump all over me for stating what I think. That's fine. No great dictator was ever complete without hisor her assortment of "little black shirts," to play pirhanna feeding frenzy on thier opposition. Well, without all that, what are you? Any idiot can open a board, and play god. But in my opinion, you're not even doing a very good job of that. If you didn't want factions in the first place, you should NEVER have allowed them, let alone give ONE faction a nameplate and say the hell with the rest. Did it ever occur to you that all this could blow up in your face?

And to all those who jumped all over my group, at least we had the gall to aspire to something higher. All you could do was blame us, and not the idiots who invaded. All you could do is come up with weak excuses. but let US do the same, and it would be all holy hell all over the place. Its's called a DOUBLE STANDARD, something that suck, but some people love using. And you call US " being better than everybody else?" Another term to memorize for all of you: HYPOCRISY. The kettle calling the pot black, if you will.

Well, now that I've had my say, i request three things:

1) lock this topic

2) leave it up for everyone to read (unless you ahve something to fear by leaving it up!)

3) the final one... ban the name "JackKnife." I will not remain on a site that doesn't give a damn about anyone, so long as the machine runs smoothly. YES, I am formally requesting that you BAN ME. Don't make it necessary for me to force you to do so. just accept that you'll be doing BOTh of us a favor, SFC.

and now...I wait for the end. I fought my last fight, and though it be a losing one, i stare death in the face... as a warrior.


Needless to say, JackKnife was not immediately banned (nor was the thread locked), but instead was laughed at by SuperFireConvoy. His "goodbye" thread eventually devolved into a fifty-five page spamfest which in some ways foreshadowed the eventual return of INH in its second, funnier incarnation. The best part is that the thread still exists at TFormers, but you have to be logged in to see it. Starscreamer still can't believe he started all that crap.

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