Beer, good sir?

is a moderate quantity poster of with a thunderous love of Starscream. He is a master of Southern Barbeque and is known for chargin' his hand with an unknown form of energy which he photographs often. As the first leader of the "Seekers" faction in the days of INH 1.0, Starscreamer holds a well-deserved place in TFans/TFINO lore.

While Starscreamer is the alter ego of David Lutwak, he is was originally the personification of his ego. Dead Sexy, Arrogant and Cocky were terms he took with pride. Waaaaay back in the original INH there was a group that asked for a tag saying Seacon, and in response he started his own group with the alias Seekers. This started as a friendly rivalry that eventually bled out of INH and into the rest of the board. This was known as the faction wars and it became its own creature. Starscreamer dissassociated himself from the group, but some of the more unstable members would tag their posts with S33k3rs 4 l1f3 and soon were known as some of the ultimate douche bags in the TFans fandom.

After INH 1.0 closed, the Seacons left the board to make their own called The Seacon Swamp. For a while Starscreamer posted there but eventually got bored of the "we are underground but want to be cool" vibe and returned to TFans. The INH forum was back and things kind of got back to semi normal. Well until the head mod of TFans decided that he truly wielded the power of the forum and started warning/banning all those who didn't fit with his idea of fandom. Needless to say all the people who didn't suck left the board to form TFINO. Starscreamer followed.

Before getting under lock and key engaged and married to Megan Latta (who coincidently had the same last name as the original voice actor for Starscream, go freaking figure) he was a notorious flirt in his local community and self proclaimed womanizer...well as much of a womanizer that a guy in his later 20's who collected toys could be...He also enjoyed using pictures of himself in most of his signatures and made a few animated .gifs that used himself in them doing various wacky things.

Starscreamer recently received a Decepticon-shaped wedding cake after a long and involved courtship which included but was not limited to: karaoke propolsals, overly-cutsie dancing pictures, and of course the giant purple hand. His wife does rock.

After two years of blissful marriage, with a bump or two in the road, he became a father to she who is known as Slipstreamer, though thanks to OP2K's grab bag gift, he sometimes calls her Keir-Bear...she is his center, and reason for all now...who knew, he kinda grew up for this little one...

Motto: Every man needs something to believe and I believe it is time for a drink!



Purple Hand

The Rabbi

Dr. Who

Dead Sexy