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Stormtrooper53 is a frequent poster at, and defender of its Galactic Hegemony. He is one of only nine TFINO members to have a member number in the single digits, which is really important (to ST53.) He is TFINO's staunchest defender of Star Wars, even the prequels (although that ain't sayin' much), and quite possibly its biggest Futurama fan. He is also TFINO's foremost expert on the incredibly popular Japanese anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, but since no one else really likes the series he rarely gets the opportunity to impress with his vast knowledge of the series. He is also author of The Stormtrooper Hypothesis and the Biehn/Paxton Corollary.

His biggest Transformers-related desire is to complete an 1984-85 Autobot Classics collection. By. Any. Means. Necessary.

He hates detests despises abhors jangofettface.

Fan In Name OnlyEdit


Stormtrooper53's diet consists of 90% locally-harvested mudbugs.

His love of Transformers is based solely on the Tech Specs included on the toy packaging and looking longingly at the toys he would never own. Seriously, as a kid he had like 5 Transformers figures. He can count the number of G1 cartoon episodes he's seen on one hand. The first time he saw The Transformers: The Movie was when he bought a Canadian VHS copy in 1999. He actually argued with his college roommate that Beast Wars was just a Transformers knock-off cashing in on the popularity of the name and not related to the beloved 80's toy franchise. The only Transformers comic book he's ever read was that one issue where Megatron and Ratchet were merged into one freakish entity, which he thought was pretty cool. When the members start making jokes about G1 episodes, or post-TFTM characters, or ANYTHING G2-related, they often have to take time to explain the joke to ST53...he just doesn't get them.

Who He isEdit

His online persona is typified by an identification with Imperial Stormtroopers and a hatred of Ewoks, but it is not known if this carries over to his IRL persona. Okay, so he totally does hate Ewoks, cut him some slack, they were like the Jar-Jar of the 80's.

Bad. ASS.

His favorite Transformer OF ALL TIME is G1 Blitzwing because he is badass. He plays bass guitar because playing bass guitar is also badass. His 1984-85 Transformers love is rivaled only by his 1983-86 GI Joe love. He has a massive (some would say unhealthy) crush on ESPN reporterette Erin Andrews, much to the chagrin of his very patient wife.

He also has a hot sister and has been known to send h0t n00d pics of her to his friends. What's that? Oh, you didn't get them? hmmmm....

Transformers-Related Things He DigsEdit


-Optimus Prime


-The entire Beast Wars show cast (screw those non-show characters)

-Transformers Animated, which was awesomely awesome

-The Transformers Armada PS2 video game

-Erin Andrews

Political LeaningsEdit

Conservative leaning toward libertarian. He hates hippies, liberals, Democrats, commies, fascists, and moderates. He usually hates Republicans, too, but he had to pick a side and it's a closed primary system.




Heavyarms (don't ask)

JangoFett53 (LOLWUT)