Original INH Kids

The original INH Kids.

Sularias is one of INH 2.0's fabled "Second Wave" of 2005. His greatest contribution to TFans remains his development (and seemingly endless production) of the "INH Kids". In addition to his formidable graphic design skills, Sularias is also one of the most consistently positive members of TFINO, rarely – if ever – indulging in angst or dinorage. If the power of buttsecks were a god, it would surely be Sularias.

Sularias has a Mighty Brush O' Doom:


Sully (as interpreted by Plumper Humper)

Beef Allergy?Edit

Sularias has state that he has to order the chicken Whopper at Burger King because of "blah blah allergy story." He insists it has nothing to do with his mangina. Read more at /