One of Diesel's infamous Kremzeek avatars


How Diesel rolls.

The Diesel (orginally known as Russ Diesel) is one of the original INH 2.0 members. He is characterized by a soft-spoken and friendly demeanor, which can suddenly and without warning give way to extreme internet rage. The Diesel is currently cruising for a hot piece of (female) ass.

Back in 2004, Diesel was responsible for bringing back the Transformers character Kremzeek from the pages of obscurity by using several pictures of it from the original G1 cartoon as his avatar and starting several threads about the character at the old Tfans. Kremzeek also wielded the powerful Atomic Shotgun in several MSPaint battles.

At one time, The Diesel was known to scare new members of TFans with his brash, straightforward behavior, rippling muscles, and sudden but powerful rage. It was glorious!

His Favorite ArtistEdit

Why, of course, it's Lady GaGa!!





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