Thrower of Slugs is a poster at Although he was never a "Magor INHer" or longtime participant at Bacon's Wasteland he did enjoy writing a few reviews and watching a bit of the Asshatery. His single claim to TFINO fame is that he has the biggest dick. It's not long but it's as round as a jar of peanut butter. Yet, he will never show it to anyone to prove this claim. Curious, no?


  • Slugpitcher
  • TOS
  • Slugs
  • Sluginator


In NO particular order:

  • Transformers
  • Boobs
  • Rock & Roll
  • Professional Wrestling

What he collectsEdit

He is one of the few members that "usually" gets the repaint rather than the first offering of a mold. Alternators are his favorite of the Transformers toy lines, then Classics, and anything G1-inspired. With all the G1 fanwank in Energon it's not surprising that he still likes it.

Where has he beenEdit

Slugpitcher used to post at work for something to do. Now it has been effectivly banned in the workplace so he only get's to post from home when he can get Catcher of Slugs off of Facebook.

Why he is... like he isEdit

Massive head trauma.... no really, even though he hasn't watched G1 since it was on tv 25 years ago, it influenced him heavily. He doesn't really "like" G1, but G1 in the mind of a child, and having 25 years to forget what it really was. ToS is also a terrible speller, often leaving random letters out of word. See What I mean? Capitolization is also random if its done at all.