He even paid for the domain and everything.

Toxic Apocalypse was a short-lived TFans splinter board, started and wholly controlled by Lord Madhammer ("Lord Megahead" as he was eventually known there). It was filled with philosophy, religion, politics and FREEFALLL666, which limited its appeal. But Pete's friends humored him, to a greater or lesser extent.

During this time, TFans member Guld decided to start his own splinter board, The Guld Guild. This effectively killed Toxic Apocalypse, as the Guld Guild was filled with lulz and angst, as well as copious amounts of pr0n. By the time Toxic Apocalypse shut its doors, hardly anyone noticed. Except Hunter.

Little-Known FactsEdit

Pete's wife used to post there. This represents her only contact with any TFans or TFINO members, with the exception of the Dairycon Meatup of 2010.