Viktor V's TFans avatar.

Viktor V is perhaps the most legendary TFans member / INHer of all time.

Famous QuotesEdit

"...hilarious visual fanfictions, personalized avatars, a growing line of merchandise, and more wagons than a buffalo hunting expedition. People try, but can never match the shenanigans and asshattery of INH."

This, from Viktor V's official "goodbye" post at TFans, was later used as the forum description of INH.

Viktor V was also responsible for the creation of numerous TFans memes, from "AT THE BANK" to "Basket Goat" and others.

Not Everybody Loved VikEdit

TFans member DRIFTER, for example:

"You know what Vik....I HAVE HAD ENOUGH......YOU ARE GONNA" BE SORRY ONE DAY, BECAUSE SOMEONES GONNA SOCK YOU RIGHT IN THAT PRETTY MOUTH OF YOURS. You all are crazy, and need to be dealt with severly....ever heard about acting your age guys? Does my name read OMEGA or PRIME anywhere?"

Was That Really Him?Edit

On May 16, 2009, a poster identifying himself as "Victor VI" appeared at TFINO, claiming to be the long-lost Vik. His identity was never truly verified, for he soon departed as suddenly as he had arrived. But maybe... just maybe.

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