Wikkid 0wnz, dummy j00!!1

Teh BeginingEdit

After having his first kid born in 04, the wife was out of sexual commission so a new hobby was born. Out of sheer bordom, teh Wikkid figured he'd buy a computer and do some of that there fancy INTERNETING. Eventually, he stumbled accross something called a "fan site" in June of that year. Well, this seemed interesting. There were people in the world who actually liked anything that wasn't G1. WTF was wrong with these d00ds. Anywho, after having big dumb ghey arguments about how superior G1 was to all the other crap that followed, he decided it was time to explore the rest of the board and stumbled accross INH which was newly reinstated at the time. It didn't take long to get into all the fart jokes and other shennanigans that transpired there. Making a solid reputation as just another guy in the INH gang consisting of Bizzmoff, Lord Madhammer, Hot Rod, Wildling (His often confused second account), Viktor V, Turbine, Skyclonus and Ol Timer........uh, I forgot where i was going with that thought.Edit

Anywho, in the duration of this st00pidity, he had become known as the story guy. Always coming up with idiotic ways to put the anatics of the INH crew into picture form beginning with "INH teh mov-eh" A soap opera like play writen by the regular INH crew based on the 1986 movie: Transformers, the movie. And when I say soap opera, I mean it was just a big pile of shit that was lovingly sculpted. This led to many hahas and other such good times. Following this mess was INH action figures. A parody of what our toys would look like based on our avatars and the personalities of people he hardly knew. To follow this was Act1, another parody based on the collectors corner spaming of one known as Transfan2. A spoiled child whose parent bought him everything and paved the road to him becoming a cereal killer or some shit. Instead of transfans usual Act1-736 featuring rare and often retardedly expensive figures, Act1 featured the dirt encrusted and broken parts of some of Wikkids childhood toys that had been buried in the sandpit for over 10 years. This too tickled teh funn13 as it got pinned several times. During all these events, INH celebrity deathmatch was a common thing to see. Having no idea how to use MS paint early on, he just sat on the sidelines and added commentary..... but once the MS paint was figured out, all who stood in his way were demolished with an onslaught of st00pidity none could stand against. In the duration of his INH stay, he had PWNed every single 2.0 member and most of the 2.5 members. Especially Shadow ES, and Megas Rocks, and Diddly jack, and Stick Zarak, and .......etc, etc. Basically, all the dumbasses. Unlike Madhammer and his swordy, and Diesel 's atomic shotgun, Wikkid relied on the one weopon that never let him down....... his mighty mighty penis of doom. An example of the power of wielding this weopon was seen in the INH Role play hosted by Guld. When excited, the mighty mighty penis of doom would spurt forth a snowstorm of epic proportions creating an army of minions. Depending on whether the seeds landed on other player, objects, or teh Wikkidwife determined the kind of ninja/pirate minion produced.

1: Wong Dongs

2: Wang Chungs

3: Super Fire Dongvoys

Again, the victor writes the story as he sees fit and history is none the wiser.

The biggest INTERNET success of teh Wikkid came from the writing of "Teh Brawn Saga". A shitty web comic with bad speling and worser grammer featuring the incredibly shitty G1 dirt collection the other members came to love from viewing the thread Act1. The entire story was about the adventures of Brawn and his unique and horrible g1 figure with massive sticker wear, covered in dirt, rusted to hell, faded like fuck, and retardedly nonscreen accurate figure . With the seemingly successful comic, it was only natural a sequal had to be produced. Thus, "The adventures of Brawn" was produced. Again, another seemingly successful work so a Pentology was made with "Hobo Brawn part 1" and "Hobo Brawn part 2" and "Hobo Brawn part 3". During all these comics, a phrase was coined. "Dummy You" which evolved into "Dummy J00" which was Brawns calling card so to say. Much like Schwarzeneggers "I'll be back", Brawn would always speak his phrase in every story at least once.

Again, the d00ds seemed to enjoy these comics so they continued but with Prequels this time and a new title. The TransF.U.B.A.R.S. which was edited into the titles of the other four much like "Star Wars, A new hope" cause everybody loves that shit, no?

The new TransF.U.B.A.R.S was posted in the teletran diaries rather than INH as the fear of overdoing a runnning joke was looming overhead. The first episode was "More than meats your weiner" followed by "The ultimate dooms part 1" and "The ultimate dooms part 2". A supposedly final comic was created but never finished as a lack of interest in the project seemed present so "TransF.U.B.A.R.S vs INH kids" was pretty much scrapped after 20 panels were posted in The Estate. For some unknown reason, former INH members now TFINO elite ask for a new TransF.U.B.A.R.S. from time to time which led to the final unposted chapter "TransF.U.B.A.R.S. X Revenge of teh Brawn" which seems to be in production hell as it's finished, but am too lazy to post it.

Falling AwayEdit

Having done the INTERNET fart joke thing for years, there came a time when everyone seemed to get serious. (Yeah, election time). It became everyones patriotic duty to get in the political forum and tell the others why they are wrong. Having been involved, a d00d gets to know the others he's been having so much fun with fairly well which was refreshing. A separate board was eventually created where several former banned members could hang out with the ol group. It's name was "Toxic Apocalypse". It seemed the conversations weren't as light hearted as they were back in the ol days of INH but everyone pressed on until eventually those members who were banned from Tfans were allowed back in and Toxic Apocalypse soon died off. Towards it's ending, a huge discussion relating to the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism erupted between Wikkid and Madhammer. The point was to gain insight and to test ones own faith in personal beliefs. The path it led to created a completely unfunn13 Wikkid who left the Tfans INTERNET for over a year while becoming extremely involved in his faith. During this time, he also focused on his kitbashing and eventually created his own custom action figure site alongside Jaf called "Sector70".

Suddenly, one day, Wikkid got a PM from Diesel at Gulds site "The guild" suggesting I check out the new board "TFINO" where all the former INH members were now posting. It seems all the ol d00ds got themselves banned once again but this time it was pretty much everyone. Not ready to reintegrate with the old crew, much lurking was to be had. Eventually, it seemed clear that all the seriousness of the old days were not present on TFINO (cept maybe the political forum that requires a password to enter) so it was time to try the online social affair once again. Signing up as "Vaginal Bloodfart" got alot of attention real quicklike but it didn't take long to figure out who this "d00d" was. Now as a regular member of TFINO with the oath to never engage in political or religious discussions again, life at TFINO is even better than it ever was in INH's hayday. We'll see what the future holds and update it here.....................................

Custom TransformersEdit

Wikkid does them.

He is the Custom Freak MacDaddy. Seriously, he is.

Started customizing in late 04 after being introduced to an Ebay auction by Madhammer for Jafs first Masterpiece Mirage which sold for $420. Intrigued by the concept of using the then newly released alternators to build G1 awesomeness, the cycle began. First custom was a repaint and heavily battle damaged Alt Smokescreen. Second was a complete overhaul of Masterpiece Optimus Prime into Skyfire using all steel fabricated parts. Yes, that was a doosey but I had no idea what styrene plastic was. Second custom was a fully integrated alternator/MP Prime combiner moddified and painted to mimic Motormaster and the Stunticons. Once that was done,a two year process to create a completely reshelled and modified Masterpiece Combaticons/Bruticus began. During this two years, other customs were created such as MP Sideswipe, Brawn, and Soundwave.

Right on the heels of such a massive undertaking that the Combaticons were, it was time to redo the Stunticon group in proper alt modes and toon likenesses and so another 2 year journey began during which time other customs were built such as Mp Scourge, MP Hot Rod, and a Speed Racer crossover not to mention the start of the MP scaled Constructicons.

Current projects as of this entry consist of MP Skyfire V1.5 and v2.0 as well as MP scaled Dinobots, Mirage, Wheeljack, Jazz, Windcharger, Sideswipe v2.0, and so on.


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