X-BoB58 started his TFans career in 2004 at the tender age of 13. He's in college now. This makes everyone else feel really old.

X-Bob58 is a champion of feminism, the Armenian people, and pointing out lame stuff in comics. He is also indirectly responsible for the creation of the phrase "lovingly drawn buttocks," stemming from Hunter's critique of one of X-Bob58's drawings. X-Bob58 began the first MS Paint battles at TFans with a picture of him pushing Sharkticonqueen down the stairs. He also made a mocking picture of TFans member MegatronVegeta, depicting him as a giant monkey with a "poo-poo" cannon.

X-BoB58 is repeatedly rumored to be gay, though X-Bob58 himself seems to desire sexual activity with persons of neither gender.